Leaves and Debris

     Keep fallen leaves away from any outdoor outlets, lighting, or power cords. Make sure to keep air conditioner condensers free from debris.

      Dry leaves can catch fire easily if hit with a spark of some kind. As a landowner, you are responsible for damage caused by your grass fires and liable for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged utility poles.  


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    Cold Weather Tools

     Safely store your warm weather tools such as lawn mowers and trimmers. Check your cold weather tools like leaf blowers and snow blowers, as well as their power cords, for any wear and tear.

     Be sure to replace or repair any electric tools that show signs of damage

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    Light Bulbs and Space Heaters 

     In the fall we start to lose daylight, meaning more dependence on indoor lighting. Check your light bulbs through out the house to make sure they are the proper wattage for that specific light fixture.

     When using space heaters keep them at least three feet away from any combustable materials, such as bedding, clothing, furniture and rugs.