Keeping Cool

     As much as possible, use heat producing appliances early or late in the day.

     Such appliances include clothes dryers, dishwashers, and ovens. 

     Keep blinds and curtains drawn where the sun hits your house the hardest.

​     This helps to reflect the heat away from the interior of your home. 

    Outdoor Safety

     Check extension cords before you use them. Not all extension cords should

     be used outdoors.Make sure the extension cord you are using is rated for                outdoor use before using it for yard work.

      Make sure your extension cords are not frayed or cracked. You or someone             else could be electrocuted. If it has frays or cracks, stop using it                              immediately and dispose of it. 



     During an electrical storm, do not use appliances, such as hairdyers, toasters          and radios. Do not take a bath or shower. Make sure to keep batteries on

     hand for flashlights and radios in case of a power outage.

     Also, remember to use surge protectors on electronic devices and appliances.

     In the event that lighting strikes or you lose power, your electronics will be                protected.


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